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Mindfulness Singapore

Beautiful Mind & Wonderful Body

We Harness the Essence of Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation (eTQM) for Excellent health.

About Us

Individual Training

We train every Sunday morning from 8am to 9.15am. Rain or shine we are there. Find us between the Tg. Rhu footbridge and the Singapore Indoor Stadium southern entrance.

When the weather is unkind, we gather at the overhead bridge between the Kallang Theatre and the Singapore Indoor Stadium.


“Join us to achieve a Beautiful Mind and Wonderful Body.”

Colin Koh, Instructor Mindfulness Singapore

Our Classes

Corporate Mindfulness Events & Workshop


We harness ‘chi’, our internal energy to heal ourselves and treat others.

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We practice both the static and dynamic types of meditation to achieve calmness.

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Why Choose Us

Customized Instruction each Individual – Everyone is Unique.

All individuals are unique and we tailor the training to suit every students.



I had spinal column-vertebral problem (4th, 5th, 6th vertebrae). These discs press against the nerve and cause severe sharp pain right through the right elbow and numbness of forgers. My neck was very stiff and I could not turn my head and could only sleep facing upward. The doctor advised me to put on a neck brace for a few months but there was no improvement. With qigong practice my neck is now more flexible. In fact, my condition seems to be totally healed now as I hardly recall that I had this terrible problem before

 I had a condition in my shoulders where it pinch a nerve whenever I raised my arm. The sensation radiated down to my hands causing weakness and pains. I could hardly lift my arms. My shifu administered Qi treatment and my condition has now improved.

Recently I had a migraine attack which caused me to feel nauseous and weak. My Shifu applied Qi treatment on me. During the process, my head felt lighter and lighter and the pain slowly went away. I felt fresh the next day.”


Student, Mindfulness Singapore

The Qigong practise of standing with hands raised forward slightly was pretty tough to start with but now I can stand still for 30 min.. Yes, I do keep the timer, so that I don’t stop earlier. My legs have stopped trembling, shoulders are less painful, mind is concentrated to relax various body parts and on the flow of energy from space and earth to various organs/parts of the body. Mind does wander out, but comes back to the body soon. It doesn’t remain in the outer world for long, but wants to step out.

I think Tai chi creates the mind-body infrastructure so well, that any activity you pick up, the rhythm of learning is much smoother. Thanks for taking me through the journey and experiencing self. Thank you, Shifu.


Student, Mindfulness Singapore

“When I first met you 3 weeks ago, I could feel that this Shifu is kind and he will help me get rid of my pain. You are different,  you are not selfish, you coach each one of us from your heart.  You are frank to point and correct our mistakes and share with us many quality tips.

I even learn how to hold my grand child without hurting her or myself.  I have learn the correct way to move ones body to avoid injury to our nerves, the exercise taught does not need more strength to do but yet it helps to burn unwanted fats.

My pains are gone too, I used to rub Ox oil on my neck and shoulder, but, now it is history.  Thanks  to you Shifu Colin.”


Student, Mindfulness Singapore

Dear Shi Fu,

Thanks for being with us every Sunday morning rain or shine.

Grateful for your amazing healing power and care. My sister is fine and positive now. You are her life saver.

Though I used to miss my Taiji steps, I’m energized all day. I’m also much alert and assertive than before.

Just to share my experience that someday when I lay flat on the bed to practice meditation, my lower spine and legs jerked. The feeling is somehow close to the chiropractic treatment but in a different position – faced up instead of down.

The stiffness on my right shoulder, neck and jaw has reduced and the ease of movement is great when I happened to crack it. Our mind and body master, our life long learning coach….your kindness, selfless and detailed explanation to impart your skill and knowledge is appreciated as always.

Thanks again for everything and wish you all the best and success to pursue your passion.

Warmest regards, 

Kim Kee

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